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How Sweet it is…

I was in a store earlier today and an older gentleman (we‘ll call him “K”) asked me if I knew where the Boost was. I went down the isle with Premier first and pointed it out while looking for the boost. K said his wife had mentioned that also and asked me if I could explain the differences. So I grabbed one of each and broke ‘em down for him. He called his wife and they decided on the Boost. K asked me if I worked for the store. I said I didn’t. He then asked if I was from the area. Also a negative. He looked surprised and explained that he’d been looking for water bottles earlier and had asked two associates for help. Neither knew where the water was nor did they offer to help him find it. A gentleman who was standing close by overheard the convo and showed K where to find the water. K couldn’t understand how people, especially ones not local, were so willing to help when the associates were not. It kinda broke my heart. I guess I feel like people should help people… But even more so if the person who needs help is older or struggling with physical/mental health. I don’t know… Just my two cents!

Anyway, we talked for a while after that. K’s wife has stage 4/5 dementia and his mission is to care for her to the best of his ability. He pointed at my son and explained that when people are young like that and run off and get married, they are sometimes rushed and excited -often not taking into consideration what it truly means when you say, “in good times and bad… In sickness and in health.” K said that when he married 68 Years ago, he didn’t know... But he does now and wouldn’t have it any other way! :)

Guys… THAT’S LOVE. This couple has been through much in life and now… Now the struggle is real. But they love each other and refuse to quit. They have been there through good times and bad… In sickness and in health. If I ever get married again… That’s the kinda love I want in my life. That’s the kinda love you should want too! :)

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