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The One

Allyson Marx

Few ever find the one who makes their heart flutter...

Their eyes sparkle... Their fears fall away.

Few ever find the one who will laugh with them…

Cry with them… And dance with them in the rain.

Few ever find the one who speaks to their heart, mind, body, and soul.

Few ever find that one who God created to make them whole.

Just when I'd given up finding that one, you found me.

Your touch makes my heart flutter

Like a million butterfly kisses on a beautiful spring day.

When I look into your eyes,

My eyes sparkle with the reflection of the brightest star.

When you hold me close,

Every fear falls away and I feel safe in your warm embrace.

When I laugh with you, my heart smiles.

When I cry, you wipe my tears.

Although I can't dance, I will always dance with you!

Your kindness speaks to my heart. Your wisdom speaks to my mind.

Your touch speaks to my body. Your passion speaks to my soul.

Together, we are complete in Christ, and that's what makes us whole.


The Weeping Willow

Allyson Marx

Her beauty is like a willow standing strong in the world

Independent of her surroundings

The wind and the storms come and shake her to her core

She trembles as the perilous lightning strikes all around her

The thunder's tumultuous cry leaves her feeling vulnerable

Yet she remains strong refusing to surrender

Her locks blow violently while the rain drops from her inner being

She may lose pieces of herself

But she refuses to give in, she refuses to break

The littlest creatures take refuge under her limbs

Knowing she will give her all to protect them from the merciless storm

Whether it last a moment or a lifetime

She knows one day the sun will shine again

And she will be free to bathe in it's warm embrace

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