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Coaching Defined

As a coach, my goal is to assist you in becoming more self-aware of your abilities, skills, and personality traits and help you discover how it affects your relationship with others.

We will  work on identifying your strengths and weaknesses while establishing long and short-term relationship goals. 
We will create a path and organize your priorities so that you are making the best use of your time and skillsets in working towards your desired outcome.

What Coaching Is NOT

Although related to these other fields and may include some similarities, life coaching is not:
*Consulting Service
*Mentoring Program

Please Note:

The process requires work from both the coach and the client. It is not a passive fix-all. The client must be willing to work with the life coach in creating the Relationship Path Plan.

There is not a specific time frame in how long a client should work with a coach. Some will stay for only a month while others will continue for a year or more. The client has the ultimate deciding factor in how long they wish to receive services. There are no guarantees, but the results will speak for themselves.

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