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God, Are We There Yet?

"Walking around these walls... I thought by now they'd fall... But you have never failed me yet.

Waiting for change to come... Knowing the battle's won... For You have never failed me yet."

~Elevation Worship / Do It Again~

Guys, I don't know what your current battle is. I don't know what you've been through in the past or what you will go through in the future. But what I do know is this, the Lord will NEVER fail you! God only wants what is best for you.

We all face challenges, disappointments, loss, and heart break. It's a part of life. If Jesus, the son of God had to deal with these things, why do we feel like we shouldn't have to?

God never promises that we will not face adversity. Many great Biblical leaders, if not all, had some type of giant they had to overcome. Some failed miserably time and again. Others learned their lesson much quicker, although they still had to face the consequences, good or bad, that came with the choices they made.

Right now, my giant is fear. Fear of what? I'm not 100% sure on that... Fear of failure... Fear of rejection... Fear of not being good enough... Smart enough... Strong enough... I really don't know for exactly. It's just an overwhelming feeling of fear that I can't seem to kick.

Life has been crazy with all this pandemic mess going on... Oddly... That's one thing that doesn't scare me... Just don't come near me if you have coughed, sneezed, had a fever, or went near anyone or anything in the last ten years that has... Got it? I'm J/K... Kind of.

Okay... Seriously though, I think fear is a real struggle for a lot of people not just me, especially since all this stuff started. I have not counted my self, but several sources say the Bible mentions 365 times the words, "fear not..." I suppose the phrasing may be a little different depending on the version you use, but the phrasing is not what is important. It's the point. 365 times and 365 days in a year. That doesn't seem like a coincidence. That's 365 times we are reminded to cast our cares on the Lord and trust that whatever it is, He's got it!

So today, whatever the battle is you are facing, I challenge you to give it all over to God, AND trust that He can handle it. His timing is perfect. He sees and knows things we don't. While you are waiting for your change to come, praise Him through the storm!

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