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Embracing the Unexpected

Good Afternoon! The past couple weeks have been all but uneventful... To say the least. To top it off, my son was diving my car, hit an eight point buck, and the car was totaled. I need a massage. Not just from the physical aftereffects of the accident, but I need a mental massage... Is that a thing? Anyway, ultimately we were all okay, aside from the buck of course. The truck behind us stopped and asked if they could take the meat home. We agreed and my son helped load it into their vehicle. Ugh.

What happened next? I filed a claim on the handy dandy insuarance app, and we managed to get the car to my future daughter-in-laws house where it sat until the tow company picked it up several days later to get it to the adjuster. It generally doesn't take that long, but a couple days after it wasn't picked up, my adjuster called and asked me to confirm what type of car I had... I thought it was odd but I gave him the information. He asked if I had taken any photos of the damages. I told him I had and that they had been previously submitted. He looked and confirmed they were in my file. Then, he got quiet. A few moments later he said, "I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but it appears the tow company has picked up the wrong vehicle and filed it under your claim number. Can you please confirm the location of your vehicle?"... Seriously? I don't know who's car they had picked up... But it sure wasn't mine!

Although I had rental reimbursement through my insurance, the town I was in had no vehicles available and called to update me each day on the possibility of a vehicle becoming available. I had already been with out a car for a few days and things were not looking like I was going to have one anytime soon. I had spoken with two adjusters and they both thought is was definitely a total loss... So, I did what any woman would do in my position... I went car shopping.

I've been a mom for nearly twenty-two years... I've always had "mom-rides"... Family cars and mini-vans... Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, now my babies are grown and I wanted something sporty. I was going to go look at the lot where I had bought my last car, but something told me to check out a local "mom and pop" dealership that I had bought a vehicle from during my younger years. I hopped on their website and there it was... The first car listed... A 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse. I know, kinda risky getting a fourteen year old car... But this wasn't just ANY fourteen year old car. It was purple... With butterfly doors...A moonroof... A Rockford Fosgate sound system, and a ZEX nitrous system. The interior was clean and well taken care of. The original manuals were still in the glovebox. AND... It had only 64,500 original miles on it. Her name is Allerry and she's now mine. LOL

The irony is that a few hours after I bought her, the rental guy called to let me know they had a vehicle ready for me...

My car was totaled and luckily valued high enough to pay off the note I still owed and put a little money back in my pocket... Well... Until I pay for tags and taxes on Allery... My son (the one who hit the deer) is trying to convince me and everyone else that the car is his. It's not.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do about a car, but I stayed positive, trusted God, and embraced the unexpected. In the end, it all worked out!

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