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Branson's Most Popular Show!

I've waited years to see this show...

Last night, I finally got to see it! Thank you Jewels & Erika @ Vacations & Travel for the recommendation! We will be back (hopefully Christmas time)!

It's no wonder The Haygoods are known as being Branson's Most Popular Show. The talent is phenomenal! The lasers, lights, pyrotechnics, and stunts are INCREDIBLE!! The music is diverse in age and genre.

The only negative I had was when I picked up our tickets... The lady I spoke to was not very nice and made me quite uncomfortable. But, we got our tickets and I survived. After my S/O parked the car and came in to find me, I expressed my frustration with the woman... I knew he'd sympathize and justify my feelings. But.... NOPE! Instead, he used my own words against me. He said, "Ally, remember, you don't know what kind of day she's had." Ugh. Thanks Steve. Talk about conviction.

I knew he was right. I don't know her or her story. And I am only responsible for my actions / reactions, not hers. It's my responsibility to show grace, mercy, and kindness. I am called to love everyone... Especially those who seem to be unlovable... It's possible that when we are kind to someone who is unkind to us, it might make a positive impact on their day and perhaps even their lives.

Every choice we make, good or bad, right or wrong, has a ripple effect. I almost let her bad 'tude put me in a mood which could cause me to be the one lashing out at others... And so on and so on.

CHALLENGE: Next time someone treats you less than kind, consciously choose to retaliate with grace, mercy, and kindness. Show them love. Often the ones lashing out need love the most!!

Overall we had a fantastical experience at tonight's sold-out show of The Haygoods! If you get a chance, check 'em out next time you are in Branson. You won't regret it!!

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