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Loving Him 365 - Sweet & Simple

Updated: 6 days ago

There are many ways to show our husbands we love them, however, I believe there is one act of love that surpasses all others. It's something we can and should do on the good days, the bad days, and all the days in between. When our husbands are saying and doing all the right things, we can do this. When their behaviors are less than desirable and we feel like throwing an old smelly sock at them, we can do this. When they win, we can do this. When they fail, we can do this. When their hearts are full of joy or when their world feels as if it is crumbling before their eyes, we can do this.

What is this act of love that seems to be universal? Prayer. Not just any prayer but prayer that aligns with God's Will for his life. What's the difference? Our will says things like, "God, make my husband ______; God, I want _____; God, why won't he just _____?" When we pray our will, we are asking God to make our husbands the people we want them to be, which isn't necessarily who God has called them to be.

Praying for God's Will sounds more like, "Lord, I trust You. I know You know what is best for ____. I ask that You move in his life. Provide him wisdom when he has decisions to make. Give him strength to make those decisions. Direct his steps and bring people into his life that will draw him closer to You. Thank You, God, for _____ successes today. Please remind him that his worth is found in You and not in our successes or failures. Today _____ had a great day. Tomorrow may not be so good. Remind _____ that on all days that he is worthy. He is loved. He is enough. He is Yours."

We can take it a step further by praying that God enables us to be the wives our husbands need and desire. "Lord, I am a perfectly imperfect mess. Today was a rough day and I don't like _____ very much right now. Give me Your eyes. Help me to see my husband the way You see him. Open my heart and enable me to be the woman and wife You have called me to be. Please forgive me for when I spoke to him with words of anger. Humble me, Lord. I desire to love, encourage, and build _____ up. I want _____ to feel and know I am his biggest cheerleader. God, please align my heart with Yours."

Praying for our husbands, especially when we don't feel like it, is a way to show them love 365 days a year.

CHALLENGE: Start your day with a prayer for your husband. Work towards making it a habit, when you feel like loving him and more-so when you don't.

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