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The Perfect First Date

The question is often asked, “What would you consider to be the perfect first date?” I’ve never really had an answer to that. I mean dinner in Paris would be nice, but so would a picnic in the park. I’d be happy laying under the stars staring into the night sky... However, taking an Italian cooking course would also be cool. There are so many possibilities of what could be the perfect first date. How does one choose?

I’m not sure it is something that can be fully planned in advance. For it to be “perfect,” both people would need to be on the same page, right? Or maybe not... Until recently, I did not know how to even begin to answer the question in question, “What would you consider to be the perfect first date?”

What happened that gave me insight? I do believe I have discovered by accident the key ingredients (at least for me) of what a perfect first date would look like. Here are those ingredients:

Spontaneous -Not planned, it just happens to happen.

Relaxing -Not something strenuous or overly thought-provoking.

Fun -Because who doesn’t like fun, right?

No pressure or expectations -Nothing fancy or over the top. Somewhere low key.

BONUS: Tacos

You may be thinking, by accident, huh?

Yep! Completely! :) I had reached out to a friend and we hung out for a few hours. It was not a date at all (But honestly, I would not have complained if it were). The next morning I saw one of those posts, “What would you consider to be the perfect first date?”... And it clicked... If I did have something in mind of what a perfect date would look like... The few hours I had spent with my friend the night before would have been it. No tacos... But tamales! He didn’t even know that a day earlier I had ordered some and the restaurant had run out. SOOOOO... That night, tamales were the bonus!

Too often we get hyper- focused on the planning, and expectations of what we plan that we miss out on life just happening!

Sending a shout out to the one who gave me the “Perfect Non-Date Date”!!! You know who you are! :) I appreciate you and hope that soon there will be a real first date!

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